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Welcome to Lakeland Stone Ltd, your one-stop shop for all your Natural Stone Supply and custom cut to size, walling and Landscaping needs. We specialize in distributing our top-of-the-line supplies to businesses all over the UK and Europe, while also maintaining great options for your personal needs at home. We invite you to explore our site, and find out why we are the best Stone Supplier in the County



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Lakeland Stone is one of the leading stone suppliers in Cumbria and specialise in cut to size work and walling stone. The stone that we work with are the most trusted names in the industry, and we have been providing our clients with only the best brand options since day one. Our clients love the quality and variety we have in stock. See a few of the brands we carry below.

slate suppliers in Cumbria


This world famous stone, which adorns some of the most prestigous buildings and gardens around the World, was formed between 400 to 450 million years ago and comprises of two seams, which are known as 'the Borrowdale Volcanic Group', the lower seam runs from Honister Pass to the upper seam near Ambleside. They are characteristically grey green in colour and have a course riven surface when split, which provides a beautifully colured non-slip surface, ideal for tiles, slabs, stepping stones and other landscaping projects. Lakeland stone is one of the leading slate suppliers in Cumbria so contact us to discover how we can help you.

slate suppliers in Cumbria


This is another internationally renowned slate from the Coniston area. Known as the 'Windermere Group', it was formed around 330 million years ago by mud flats, sediments and other minerals fusing together to produce a blue slate with seams of different shades running through them. They're incredible to look at and are ideal for water features, rockeries, monoliths, stepping stones, tiles and other landscaping projects. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

granite stone suppliers in Cumbria


This is an incredibly hard stone formed around 400 million years ago deep below the Lake District and exposed in various locations due to erosion. They range from white, to a dark blue, to a rusty red in colour depending on what exposure they've had and will happily let mosses and leaches form. They're not bedded like the slate and are fantastic for rockeries and huge feature boulders for landscaping projects. Call us to find more.

limestone suppliers in Cumbria


Around 320 million years ago a tropical sea covered the Lake District. The remains of the crustaceans and animals formed the Limestone. They come in a mottled brown colour and black and are absolutely incredible when polished to a high sheen. This Panthers head is an example of what's possible and we also do unique Limestone benches which have the seated part polished. A real piece of art that is also practical. Contact us for more information or with ideas of your own for commission.



This Cumbrian Red Sandstone is one of the finest in the Uk and the world. It has the characteristic red colour of the region but also has some other very important qualities; it is packed full of Silica which not only makes this sandstone one of the most hard wearing but aesthetically it looks amazing as it sparkles in the Sun light.

Scotch Buff


We import some stone from outside the County to give our customers choice. Our Scotch Buff being one of these. It's a Buff Sandstone from the North East which looks amazing as walling or lintels etc. but its all down to personal taste and the finish you're looking for.



St Bees Sandstone is one of the most famous Sandstones around the World. It adorns some of the finest buildings through the ages including George Washington's former home in America. It's not as hard wearing as the Lazonby but is slightly redder.


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